LAGI 2012

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring to you the lecture by Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian on their work with the Land Art Generator Initiative.  Coincidentally you may have recently received a request to submit a survey from the AIA titled Public Interest Design Practices which came at an appropriate time.

Public Interest Design can be characterized as putting creative abilities to practical use to improve the quality of life in communities, a notion applied holistically by LAGI.   We encourage all our members to support LAGI and consider entering their 2012 competition

More detailed information will be released throughout the rest of the year and the brief will go live along with online registration in January of 2012. The best thing for everyone to do is to sign up for the email newsletter list.

 The Competition Site: Freshkills ParkYou can read more about the competition in the most recent press release. The site is in Freshkills Park on Staten Island in New York City and is sure to be just as interesting as the 2010 UAE competiton we had the opportunity to learn more about in the lecture.