AIA ME Jordan Inaugural Event November 2014

The AIA ME inaugurated its launch event in Amman, Jordan in November 2014 with its two lecture program “Sustainable Design Solutions”, which focused on issues of sustainable architecture and landscape, green design principals and creative solutions for more sustainable environment. The events were held at CAFE GRAFFITI, and in partnership with Jordan GBC, Architectural Forum and Edama.

Dr. Saleem Dahabreh, an instructor at the University of Jordan, presented “Greening our Buildings” lecture on Saturday 22nd Nov. 2014, which focused on the essential principals for designing a green building such as optimal site orientation and building layout, and selection of appropriate material and construction methodology to reduce energy consumption and impact on the environment.


The 2nd lecture held on Saturday December 6, 2014, lecture titled “Opportunities for sustainable urban landscape: Urban infill and livable streets” was presented by Dr. Anne Gharaibeh, founder and head of architecture department in Yarmouk University-Irbid, Jordan. Dr. Anne discussed the use of urban infill to create more livable neighborhoods through collecting water in vacant lands at different locations throughout the cities and the opportunities to turn them into interactive places and walkable streets. 

Greening our Buildings Lecture at Cafe Graffiti